Media Club Reviews: Ginger and Me

In May, our members were invited to take part in our media club. They were offered a copy of ‘Ginger and Me’ by Elissa Soave to read before joining a Q&A session online with the author. Check out what they thought of the book here.

A Search for Peace

To mark Refugee Week 2023, 21-year-old Sudanese refugee, Kadim has shared his thoughts on why there are so many refugees, the challenges they face and what needs to change to make the world a safer, more equal place to live for everyone.

Suleiman Capsune’s Story, 1873(?) to 1890

Dr Christine Whyte, from The University of Glasgow, shares the story of Suleiman Capsune a Care Experienced person who was brought from Sudan to Wolverhampton as a ‘ward’ before being sent back to North Africa.

A Moment in Care

Written by Emma Norry, a Care Experienced author, she explores the history of her own childhood and how it sparked her love of books. Her new novel, Fablehouse, is based on Holnicote House, a Somerset orphanage for the ‘brown babies’ of white women and Black American GIs in the 1950s. It follows a group of Care Experienced children on a magical adventure.