Introducing Haus of Seisay

Same-sex interracial couple, Tony and Thomas Seisay have created a unique charity to teach young Care Experienced people the art of hairdressing. Susie, from the Comms Team visited the salon to meet Thomas, have her hair done, and learn all about this exciting charity.

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Where did the idea for Haus of Seisay come from?  

After Covid we wanted to create a training academy. Drawing from our experience navigating life with our adoptive children and our passion for giving back to the care community the Haus of Seisay was born. A brand-new unique hairdressing academy, designed especially for Care Experienced young people seeking a career in the industry.

The academy will give young people the tools to follow a successful career in hairdressing and allow them invaluable experience in employment 

Why do you feel so passionate about the Care Experienced Community?

We’ve adopted two children. Collins, is from Scotland and Savannah is from England. We were Glasgow’s youngest same-sex couple adopters and as an interracial couple, we knew we could offer a loving home to a mixed-race child. Going through the process it was apparent that mixed-race children were more difficult to find families for. I recognised that there needed to be more support for young people like this that seemed to slip through the cracks.

Haus of Seisay is about embracing differences and celebrating the achievements of Care Experienced people. I want to make a positive change for young people. Let’s equalise young people’s opportunities. 

Our mission is to support and allow our young people to thrive and succeed in the hairdressing industry.  We will work closely with our young people running a 4-day-a-week course. The course will not only teach the art of hairdressing, but it will also teach vital life and people skills, encouraging a feeling of self-worth and confidence. 

What are Collins and Savannah like? 

They are like chalk and cheese! Collins is very studious, laid back, very sporty, cool, calm, and collected. And Savannah, she is just wild! She’s very sassy, she’s very demanding, dead headstrong. Collins is football daft and Savannah is a real girly girl. She likes having her hair and nails done and every morning there is a fight over how she will style her hair.   

What will the training opportunity look like in practice? 

Our young people will not only graduate from this course with a full hairdressing qualification, but they will leave armed with vital skills needed in hairdressing such as customer service and business admin. It will prepare them for life after the academy by teaching CV and interview techniques. 

Tony Robertson Hair Spa in Kilwinning will offer all our learners a minimum of 3 weeks of work experience. Having that hands-on experience, working as part of a team, and seeing the day-to-day running of a salon is an immense opportunity for our learners. 


Listening to Thomas talk about the pride he has for his trainees is heartwarming. What started as a bit of an experiment is turning into something that is really changing lives.

The academy tailors their training programme to the individual. You don’t need to have any qualifications to attend, and they provide mentorship as well.

They seem really attuned to the needs of their trainees and understand the barriers Care Experience people face.



As well as meeting Thomas, I also had the chance to chat with Siobhan about their experience of the training program. Read about what she had to say below! 

How did you find out about the training program?  

My support worker told me about the Haus of Seisay. They had read about it on Facebook.  

How long have you been taking part and how are you finding it so far?
The past 8 weeks have been incredible, my confidence and self-esteem have grown so much! This have given me some hope for the future, I can’t wait to see where hairdressing takes me. Everyone thinks hairdressing is easy but it’s not, a lot of hard work goes into it. I have found a new passion. Colouring is my favourite. 

What are your aspirations for the future?
I want to be a fully qualified hairdresser working in a salon.  

Do you feel like this opportunity has helped bring you closer to this goal?
I think this course has changed my life, like I said it’s brought me hope. It’s helped me focus on the right path. 

What is your favourite hair trend right now and why?
Haus Of Seisay is a Wella academy and colour blocking is huge at the minute. 

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the Care Experienced community about achieving their dreams?
Don’t give up. Focus on you and keep your chin up! 

Left: Tony Robertson & Thomas Seisay Right: Thomas Siesay & Susie Robertson

Now, I know what you are all thinking…did I like my hair? YES! Of course, it is so shiny and healthy looking. Thomas also gave me a Haus of Seisay giftbag he had left over from their launch night and I am now the proud owner of a Haus of Seisay cup! My life is complete.  

To find out more and register an interest in the programme visit: .