A Weekend in the Life of a WC?S Volunteer

Hear all about a busy weekend in the life of a Who Cares? Scotland volunteer during Care Experienced Week 2023. Heather reveals her favourite moments and why she loves volunteering with us!

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Volunteers offer support to Who Cares? Scotland throughout the year in a number of ways but Care Experienced Week in October is one of our busiest times. Last year, some went the extra mile by dedicating their whole weekend to supporting our members. 

One of these volunteers was Heather Tyeson, who supported Time to Shine on Saturday 28th October and The Love Rally on Sunday 29th October. 

“As soon as I heard about both events I was eager to sign up and so excited. The young people in the group I support were all looking forward to Time to Shine and talking to them in the lead-up to the event helped make the build-up to the event special. We discussed what they were most looking forward to and what costumes they might like to wear.” 

Heather’s weekend began by helping at the event set up before being asked if she would consider a change of role. 

Heather said:

“I was expecting to be helping supervise activities but was asked if I would like to assist Who Cares? staff in another way – by getting up on stage to help encourage young people to participate! I helped staff introduce and deliver activities and encouraged our young people to come onto the stage and express themselves. This led to an impromptu talent contest which was so much fun.

Heather’s willingness to help at such short notice reflected her commitment but whilst she had a great time as an event host, she did have one slight concern:

“I had been asked to do some chanting at the love rally the next day so had to make sure I didn’t lose my voice.” 

As the event wound down, Heather helped with the takedown and tidy-up and was delighted to have been involved in such a successful event that had been well received. 

The next day, Heather arrived at Glasgow Green to get ready for the Love Rally and was thrilled to see some of the same young people there again and was happy to be in such a positive environment. 

“The energy levels, the noise, the excitement in the crowd all added up to something special. Seeing volunteers, staff and members together in such a positive way was great. I was given my megaphone and having lead chants at the Love Rally before knew what to expect but the feeling when people responded to my voice was still incredible.” 

After the rally Heather met up with family and friends for a well-earned dinner and was asked what she had spent her weekend doing, she replied:

“What I love, Volunteering with Who Cares? Scotland!” 

Heather’s busy but rewarding weekend is a good example of the dynamic and exciting range of experiences volunteers can expect when supporting our members. With new recruitment ongoing for 2024, there’s much to look forward to as our new and existing volunteers bring their skills and enthusiasm to the organisation.

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