What is Corporate Parenting?

In 2014, the Scottish Parliament passed a law called the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. In this act, a range of organisations in Scotland became Corporate Parents to Care Experienced people.

These Corporate Parents include:

In the law, Corporate Parents have key duties or “responsibilities” to Care Experienced people.


They should assess your needs.

For example, Corporate Parents should find out:

  • what help you need to do well in school, college or uni
  • what they can do to make sure you are healthy and happy at home
  • the best way for their organisation to help you


They need to be alert and notice if you need some help.

Corporate Parents should:

  • understand what it’s like to be a young person in care
  • know about the problems you might have, and talk to you about how they can help
  • talk to other Corporate Parents who are involved in your life


They need to promote your interests and provide opportunities which improve your wellbeing

This means:

  • standing up for your rights and making sure you are treated the same as everyone else
  • supporting you to take part in activities like sports, music and art
  • giving you lots of chances to work with them as a volunteer, trainee or employee


Corporate Parents need to take action and make sure that you can access these opportunities.

This means they should:

  • give you simple information about how their organisation can help you
  • make sure you have the money, transport and support you need to take part
  • help you to make appointments, register for services and complete applications if you need it


All Corporate Parents need to work together so that they can improve.

They have to:

  • make a plan and talk to you about it
  • keep track of how they are doing and ask for your feedback
  • work together to become better Corporate Parents


If you have any questions about Corporate Parenting, email our Training and Education Team

Also, don’t forget advocacy.

An advocate is a person who speaks up for you and makes sure that your voice is heard. Together, you can make sure that your Corporate Parents are doing a good job.