Share the Love this Christmas

Give the gift of love to a Care Experienced person by donating to our Christmas appeal.

If you believe Care Experienced people deserve a lifetime of equality, respect and love, then please donate and support our work.

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SHare the love this christmas

Everyone wants to feel loved at Christmas. Whether it’s receiving a thoughtful gift from a loved one, or a day spent surrounded by the people who matter most to you, Christmas is all about family and belonging.

Or it least it should be.

Christmas is also a difficult time for many people in our communities, who may not have those lifelong, loving connections that make the festive season so special. This can be especially true for those who have experience of the care system.

Care Experienced people have often been removed from their families in childhood. For many, re-establishing those relationships in adulthood is difficult. Care Experienced people may also have spent a childhood moving from placement to placement, facing a new school and a new set of carers many times over. This can make it difficult to build those lifelong friendships and relationships that many of us take for granted. That can also make it challenging to plan a Christmas Day that’s full of love and a sense of belonging.

Christmas Day can be a day full of sadness.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Give the gift of love this Christmas

You can share the love with Care Experienced people this Christmas by donating to our Christmas appeal. Who Cares? Scotland is the only membership body for Care Experienced people, supporting thousands of people to be heard, loved and respected every year.

This Christmas we will:

Send Christmas cards

We will handwrite and send thousands of Christmas cards to Care Experienced children, young people and adults across Scotland to make sure they feel special this festive season.

Deliver Christmas parcels

We will wrap and send thousands of Christmas parcels with thoughtful goodies to make sure all of our members have something to open this year.

Host Christmas dinner

We will bring hundreds of Care Experienced people together to celebrate Christmas Day in a beautiful venue complete with presents and a delicious three-course dinner.

To share the love with Care Experienced people, please donate.


could pay to send a Christmas parcel to a Care Experienced person to open on Christmas Day


could pay for a ticket to the pantomime, for Care Experienced children and young people to enjoy together


could pay for a Care Experienced person to attend our Care Family Christmas on Christmas Day

Another way you can Share The Love is by donating a gift

We’re looking for donations of presents and gifts that we will give to Care Experienced people on Christmas Day at our Christmas Dinner. 

This can be items such as:

  • Cosy clothes like hats, gloves and socks 
  • Sweets and chocolate 
  • Supermarket vouchers 
  • Toys and board games 
  •  Craft kits 

To see the list of items we’re looking for and how to donate, please go to our gift drive page here.

To share the love all year round, please consider setting up a monthly gift to Who Cares? Scotland, to help us provide more opportunities for Care Experienced people to come together for friendship, connection and belonging.​

Thank you

Every pound you give helps us support more people who have care experience.

If you donate £10 a month, we will send you one of our Care Family Tartan Scarves.*

* You will receive your Care Family tartan scarf after 3 months of donations.


Find out how your support can impact the lives of Care Experienced people.

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