Who Cares? Scotland


This page has been created for under 11s.

Who Cares? Scotland is a charity for Care Experienced children, young people and adults.

Care Experienced means someone who is in care or has been at some point for any length of time. This care can be provided in many different settings, such as:

Kinship Care

Living with a relative who is not your mum or dad

Looked After At Home

With the help of social work

Residential Care

Living in a residential home or school

Foster Care

Living with foster carers

Secure Care

Living in a secure accommodation


Living with adoptive parents


What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who listens to your thoughts and feelings and can help you tell the adults in your life how you feel.

Do I need an advocate?

Sometimes things happen that we don’t understand. 

Sometimes things happen that we don’t feel good about.

Sometimes lots of things happen and we can feel like nobody is listening to us.

How you feel about decisions that are made about you is really important.  An advocate’s job is to help you share your views with the people in your life.

They can also help you to ask questions to help you understand what is happening.

How do I get an advocate?

You can ask someone you to trust to fill in this form or you can send a message to our Helpline team here if you need help filling it in.

Your advocate will then get in touch with you.

If Who Cares? Scotland can’t give you an advocate, we will, put you in touch with an organisation that can.

Groups and Events

Meet other children like you. This could be a at a local group in your area or at one of our big national events.

25 September - 30 October
  All ages
  Care Experienced People

A paid opportunity for a Black Care Experienced writer to write a piece around Black History Month to be featured in our membership magazine and here on our website.

  All ages
  Members, Care Experienced People

Our annual Time to Shine Festival is an opportunity for Scotland's Care Experienced people and their supporters to come together to have fun and celebrate their Care Experience.

  All ages
  Glasgow City
  Everyone, Care Experienced People

Come along to our AGM to meet our Board, hear about what we’ve achieved over the last year, and review our annual accounts and then after join us by marching to George Square to show our commitment to achieving a lifetime of love for Care Experienced people.


Who Cares? Scotland has over 3,700 Care Experienced members of all ages from all over Scotland. With help from a trusted gown up, you could sign up today!

Why should I become a member?
When you become a Who Cares? Scotland member, we’ll send you…

A membership pack

with welcome booklet, wristband, badge and Buddy the Bear.

Birthday cards

handwritten to you each year.

Christmas parcels

with a small gift just for you.

SpeakOut Junior

4 SpeakOut Junior magazine’s will be sent to you each year.

Become A Member

You can ask someone you to trust to fill in this form or you can send a message to our Helpline team here if you need help filling it in.