Meet our Board – Carmel Jacob

We caught up with board member Carmel Jacob to find out a bit more about her!

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What skills and experiences do you bring to the board?

I am a Care Experienced, former professional wrestler, current Educational Psychologist. I am hugely driven to make a difference to the lives of Care Experienced People. On a personal and professional level, I have been impacted by the injustices our community faces.

Involvement with Who Cares? Scotland has changed my life for the better. It supported me to accept myself for who I am and push myself towards who I want to be.

This happened at the most difficult point in my life. For the empowerment and love and hope that this organisation has given me, I will forever be grateful. I bring to the board personal and professional awareness, understanding, and knowledge, of where things go wrong, every day, for our most vulnerable members of society. I bring a true and relentless passion to change this. And, perhaps most importantly, I come with a belief that change is possible.

If you could be any animal, which would it be?

A dog, because I love dogs (I have three). But I would also consider being a shark, because I am fascinated by sharks and I love water.

What was your first job?

Sales person in Claire’s Accessories – if you are not counting my attempts at setting up my own businesses as:

  • A car washer – but then I was allergic to the soap I bought
  • An artist – but it transpired people are not willing to pay much for tracings of my favourite Disney characters
  • A magician – but… I didn’t have the patience or determination to learn any decent tricks and spent much of my performances milking the simplest of card tricks
  • A writer… I never completed anything I started, but the door on this one has not closed

What is the most important lesson that life has taught you?

‘Don’t let the things in life that you cannot control define you.

My Gran used to tell me that, over and over. All the time. It has now become a daily exercise for me. Completing my circle of control vs. concern. Identifying where it is worth targeting my energy. Not everyone deserves your energy.

Do you have a message for Who Cares? Scotland’s Care Experienced members?

I am with you. I am one of you. We deserve a lifetime of equality, respect, and love.

Do you have a message for Who Cares? Scotland’s staff?

Keep doing what you are doing. You do a wonderful job and you work for a wonderful and hugely important cause. The blend between work and passion is a magnificent one, I hope you enjoy it.