Care Experienced History Month takes place in April every year.

How the state supports Care Experienced people is a conversation that has been ongoing for over 4,000 years. Through Care Experienced History Month, we aim to explore this history by telling the stories of Care Experienced people past and present.

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International Care Experienced Day of Remembrance

On April 30th 2021, we held the first International Day of Remembrance for Care Experienced people to mark the end of the first-ever Care Experienced History Month.

Since then, we come together on the 30th of April every year to remember all the Care Experienced people who have come before us.

The International Care Experienced Day of Remembrance was created by Care Experienced people across the world who called for the recognition that Care Experienced people have been a part of societies in all corners of the world for as long as can be remembered. They have been present in communities and cultures across the world for centuries. There are many Care Experienced people who have made an impact on societies in all corners of the globe.

However, throughout history, as a result of oppression and systemic mismanagement of their lives, Care Experienced people haven’t always been afforded the opportunity to meet their full potential.

We believe that Care Experienced people, children of the state, no matter how long ago they left us, should be remembered. By coming together online, we honoured their legacy.

This symbol was created by Care Experienced people, to commemorate Care Experienced people throughout global history. The image represents a bridge from the past to present, a bridge to the people, a bridge to the future and bridging the divide in understanding of the history of Care Experienced people.

Care Experienced Day of Remembrance

History Around the World

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Untold Stories

We want to share with you the journeys of Care Experienced people you haven’t heard of, as well as well-known figures, throughout history and to the present day. In doing so, we highlight their care experience or their story that is untold.

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