Comment on Jeremy Corbyn wearing Who Cares? Scotland’s tartan scarf

Duncan Dunlop, our Chief Executive Officer, comments on the recent events surrounding Jeremy Corbyn's scarf.

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Whilst out on the campaign trail, Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been wearing a scarf that we gave to him. Whilst he was explaining what it meant to him, someone interrupted and took the focus away from Care Experienced people.

Comment from our CEO, Duncan Dunlop, on today’s events:

“When we met earlier this year, Jeremy Corbyn committed to be a champion for Care Experienced people. Care Experienced people told him directly that they are too often separated from their brothers and sisters, that their voices can be drowned out by the adults around them and how unhelpful it is that the state decides, based on age, to stop caring for them. They explained that there needs to be a fundamentally new approach to supporting children and their families.

“Jeremy Corbyn wearing our tartan scarf, which was created by Care Experienced people, is a symbol of respect to the people he talked to that day, and to the wider community. We know that the tartan is unique and that it invites curiosity. We’re grateful that Jeremy uses that as an opportunity to talk about change for Care Experienced people. We hope that events today leads to Care Experienced people’s issue getting the thorough focus they deserve as the general election continues.

“Our view is that, whilst the current political climate feels divided, the issues facing Care Experienced people are the responsibility of every elected member to change. That’s why Who Cares? Scotland will continue to welcome the commitment of political leaders, from across the spectrum, who want a lifetime of equality, respect and love for Care Experienced people.”