Chief Executive Officer & Senior Management Team

Louise Hunter is our Chief Executive and is supported by 4 Directors.

Denny Ford

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Fiona Donaldson

Director of Finance

Kay McKerrell

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Kenny Murray

Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Engagement & Influence

Louise Hunter

Chief Executive

Advocacy & Participation

Abigail Pass

Angus Advocacy & Participation Worker

Ashley Donaldson

Advocacy & Participation Worker North East

Beth Simpson

Advocacy & Participation Worker (Senior Practitioner) West Dunbartonshire

Brenda Ann Murphy

North Lanarkshire APW

Carolelynne Cameron

Lifelong Advocate

Caroline Breen

Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Caroline Ironside

Communities that Care Development Officer

Caroline Richardson

Lanarkshire Advocacy and Participation Manager

Claire Campbell

Lifelong Advocate

Denise McMillan

East Ayrshire Advocacy & Participation Coordinator

Denny Ford

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Donald Walker

Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Elle Scott

North Lanarkshire APW

Ellie Barrow

Edinburgh & Harmeny Advocacy & Participation Worker (Mat Leave)

Ewan Duthie

Advocacy & Participation Worker North East (Peripatetic)

Ewen Kerr

South Lanarkshire Advocacy

Fiona Simpson

Glasgow Advocacy & Participation Worker

Heather Nailard

Argyle & Bute Advocacy & Participation Worker

Jacqueline McLachlan

North Lanarkshire APW

James Cameron


Jamie McAnally

Advocacy & Participation Manager, West Central

Jane Donaldson

North East Advocacy & Participation Manager

Jantine van Loon

Advocacy and Participation Worker Highland

Jemma Kane

Kibble Advocacy & Participation Coordinator

Jessica Varney

Rossie Advocacy & Participation Worker

Joanne Hunter

Clackmannanshire Communities that Care Development Officer

Johanna Kaz

Advocacy and Participation Worker Stirling & Seamab

Jordan Croan

Advocacy & Participation Manager, South East

Josh Gilbert

Advocacy & Participation Worker Edinburgh & Scottish Borders

Karen Monkman

Advocacy & Participation Worker Orkney

Kay McKerrell

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Keira Kerracher

Edinburgh and Sycamore Advocacy & Participation Worker

Keith Ward

Development Officer – South East (Champions Board/Communities that Care)

Kerry Connor

North Lanarkshire APW

Kieran Platts

Edinburgh Development Officer

Kim Campbell

Glasgow Advocacy & Participation Worker

Kymberly Laing

Dundee Participation Assistant

Laura Campbell

North Lanarkshire CB Development Officer

Leanne Murdoch

Advocacy & Participation Manager, North

Lindsay Cook

East Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Lisa Allan

North Lanarkshire APW (Maternity Leave)

Lisa Fleming

Advocacy & Participation Worker Midlothian

Louise Murdoch

South Lanarkshire Advocacy
and Participation Worker

Lynne Morris

North Lanarkshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Lynne Williamson

Aberdeenshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Mags Corr

North Lanarkshire APW

Mary Bateman

Stirling Advocacy & Participation Worker

Michelle McAtear

South Lanarkshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Morag Cantwell

Advocacy & Participation Coordinator and Clackmannanshire Advocacy Worker

Natasha Laing

Angus Participation Assistant

Nicole Isherwood

Participation Assistant – East Lothian Champions Board

Pamela Hynes

Argyll & Bute & Crossreach Advocacy & Participation Worker

Paul Lamont

Dundee Advocacy & Participation Worker

Rachel Outram

Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Ray Maclean

North Lanarkshire Advocacy Coordinator

Russell Stewart

Advocacy and Participation worker (North Lanarkshire)

Sarah Herbert

East Dunbartonshire & Kibble Advocacy & Participation Worker

Sharon Berrie

Advocacy & Participation Manager, South West

Sherril Wright

Falkirk and Clackmannanshire Advocacy & Participation Worker
(Maternity Cover)

Sheryl Kay

South Ayrshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Sophie Edwards

Advocacy and Participation Worker West (Peripatetic)

Sophie Morris

East Lothian Advocacy & Participation Worker

Sorcha Tams

Falkirk and Good Shepherd Centre Advocacy & Participation Worker

Participation & Membership

Corran Russell

South West
Development Officer

Julie MacTaggart

Membership & Participation Manager


Geraldine Whitson

Volunteer Development Officer (Mat Leave)

Thomas Breckney

Volunteer Development Officer

Yvonne Atkins

Volunteer Manger


Kenny Murray

Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Engagement & Influence

Chloe Dobson

Education and Engagement Manager (Maternity Leave)

Donna Nicholas

Evidence & Impact Manager

Laura Pasternak

Policy & Public Affairs Manager (Maternity Leave)

Katie MacMillan

Communications and Events Manager

Susan Robertson

Events & Communications Officer

Melissa Weir

Campaigns Coordinator

Ross Thomson

Evidence & Impact

Emma Brannigan McQueen

Education and Engagement Officer

Jen Flynn

Digital Education and Engagement Officer

Lynsey Carey

Education & Engagement Manager (Maternity Cover)

Megan Moffat

Policy Officer (Human Rights)

Lydia McDonald

Evidence & Impact Officer

Megan McClellan

Policy & Public Affairs Officer

Dionne Harty

Education and Engagement Officer

Sara Maxwell

Evidence & Impact Officer

Robert Foster

Policy & Public Affairs Manager (Maternity Cover)

Fundraising & Communities that Care

Damien Mack

Fundraising & Partnership Officer

Laurie Goldie

Project Manager: Creating Communities that Care

Lucy Christopher

Fundraising & Partnerships Manager

Terri Young

Communities that Care Coordinator

Zoey Hillman

Communities that Care Development Officer

Finance, HR & Business Support

Carly Telford


Doreen Dow

Finance Officer

Fiona Donaldson

Director of Finance

Gordon Myers

Finance Manager

Isabel Alexander

HR & Workforce Development Support Officer

Lisa Moore

Executive Support Officer

Louise Ferguson

HR & Workforce Development Manager

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