Chief Executive Officer & Senior Management Team

Louise Hunter is our Chief Executive and is supported by 4 Directors.

Denny Ford

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Fiona Donaldson

Director of Finance

Kay McKerrell

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Kenny Murray

Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Engagement & Influence

Louise Hunter

Chief Executive

Advocacy & Participation

Abigail Pass

Angus Advocacy & Participation Worker

Aimee Fraser

Youth Worker

Ashley Donaldson

Advocacy & Participation Worker North East

Beth Simpson

Advocacy & Participation Worker (Senior Practitioner) West Dunbartonshire

Brenda Ann Murphy

North Lanarkshire APW

Carolelynne Cameron

South West Development Officer

Caroline Breen

Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Caroline Ironside

Communities that Care Development Officer

Caroline Richardson

Lanarkshire Advocacy and Participation Manager

Claire Campbell

Lifelong Advocate

Corran Russell

South West
Development Officer

Denise McMillan

East Ayrshire Advocacy & Participation Coordinator

Denny Ford

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Donald Walker

Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Elle Scott

North Lanarkshire APW

Ellie Barrow

Edinburgh & Harmeny Advocacy & Participation Worker

Ewan Duthie

Advocacy & Participation Worker North East (Peripatetic)

Ewen Kerr

South Lanarkshire Advocacy

Fiona Simpson

Glasgow Advocacy & Participation Worker

Heather Nailard

Argyle & Bute Advocacy & Participation Worker

Jacqueline McLachlan

North Lanarkshire APW

James Cameron


Jamie McAnally

Advocacy & Participation Manager, West Central

Jane Donaldson

North East Advocacy & Participation Manager

Jantine van Loon

Advocacy and Participation Worker Highland

Jemma Kane

Kibble Advocacy & Participation Coordinator

Jessica Varney

Rossie Advocacy & Participation Worker

Joanne Hunter

Clackmannanshire Communities that Care Development Officer

Johanna Kaz

Advocacy and Participation Worker Stirling & Seamab

Jordan Croan

Advocacy & Participation Manager, South East

Josh Gilbert

Advocacy & Participation Worker Edinburgh & Scottish Borders

Julie MacTaggart

Advocacy & Participation Manager, West

Karen Monkman

Advocacy & Participation Worker Orkney

Kay McKerrell

Director of Advocacy & Participation

Keira Kerracher

Edinburgh and Sycamore Advocacy & Participation Worker

Keith Ward

Development Officer – South East (Champions Board/Communities that Care)

Kerry Connor

North Lanarkshire APW

Kieran Platts

Edinburgh Development Officer

Kim Campbell

Glasgow Advocacy & Participation Worker

Kirsteen Wood

Highland Advocacy & Participation Worker

Kymberly Laing

Dundee Participation Assistant

Laura Campbell

North Lanarkshire CB Development Officer

Leanne Murdoch

Advocacy & Participation Manager, North

Lindsay Cook

East Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Lisa Allan

North Lanarkshire APW (Maternity Leave)

Lisa Fleming

Advocacy & Participation Worker Midlothian

Louise Murdoch

South Lanarkshire Advocacy
and Participation Worker

Lynne Morris

North Lanarkshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Lynne Williamson

Aberdeenshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Mags Corr

North Lanarkshire APW

Mary Bateman

Stirling Advocacy & Participation Worker

Michelle McAtear

South Lanarkshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Morag Cantwell

Advocacy & Participation Coordinator and Clackmannanshire Advocacy Worker

Natasha Laing

Angus Participation Assistant

Nicole Isherwood

Participation Assistant – East Lothian Champions Board

Pamela Hynes

Argyll & Bute & Crossreach Advocacy & Participation Worker

Paul Lamont

Dundee Advocacy & Participation Worker

Rachel Outram

Renfrewshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Ray Maclean

North Lanarkshire Advocacy Coordinator

Russell Stewart

Advocacy and Participation worker (North Lanarkshire)

Sarah Herbert

East Dunbartonshire & Kibble Advocacy & Participation Worker

Sharon Berrie

Advocacy & Participation Manager, South West

Sherril Wright

Falkirk and Clackmannanshire Advocacy & Participation Worker
(Maternity Cover)

Sheryl Kay

South Ayrshire Advocacy & Participation Worker

Sian Wild

Shetland Advocacy Worker and Participation & Project Coordinator

Sophie Edwards

Advocacy and Participation Worker West (Peripatetic)

Sophie Morris

East Lothian Advocacy & Participation Worker

Sorcha Tams

Falkirk and Good Shepherd Centre Advocacy & Participation Worker

Zoey Hillman

Communities that Care Development Officer


Chloe Dobson

Education and Engagement Manager (Maternity Leave)

Dionne Harty

Education and Engagement Officer

Donna Nicholas

Evidence & Impact Manager

Emma Brannigan McQueen

Education and Engagement Officer

Jen Flynn

Digital Education and Engagement Officer

Kenny Murray

Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Engagement & Influence

Laura Pasternak

Policy & Public Affairs Manager (Maternity Leave)

Lydia McDonald

Evidence & Impact Officer

Lynsey Emery

Education & Engagement Manager (Maternity Cover)

Megan McClellan

Policy & Public Affairs Officer

Megan Moffat

Policy Officer (Human Rights)

Melissa Craib

Campaigns Coordinator

Robert Foster

Policy & Public Affairs Manager (Maternity Cover)

Ross Thomson

Evidence & Impact

Sara Maxwell

Evidence & Impact Officer

Fundraising & Communications

Carly Telford

Fundraising & Partnerships Support Officer

Damien Mack

Internal Communications & Evidence Officer

Katie MacMillan

Communications and Events Manager

Laura Mullarkey

Fundraising & Partnerships

Laurie Goldie

Project Manager: Creating Communities That Care

Lisa Moore

Digital Membership Communications Officer

Lucy Christopher

Fundraising & Partnerships Manager

Susan Robertson

Events & Communications Support Officer


Doreen Dow

Finance Officer

Fiona Donaldson

Director of Finance

Gordon Myers

Finance Manager

HR & Workforce Development

Isabel Alexander

HR & Workforce Development Support Officer

Louise Ferguson

HR & Workforce Development Manager

Volunteering & Participation

Geraldine Whitson

Volunteer Development Officer (Mat Leave)

Terri Young

Development Officer – Volunteering and Participation

Thomas Breckney

Volunteer Development Officer

Yvonne Atkins

Volunteer Manger

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