Sharing the Untold Stories of Care

WC?S announces the return of Care Experienced History Month for 2022, focusing on a lecture series about the Untold Stories of Care.

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In 2021, we led out the first ever Care Experienced History Month (CEHM), celebrating the lives of Care Experienced people throughout history. This was born from the knowledge that Care Experienced history is rarely told, despite state involvement in the lives of Care Experienced people dating back over 4,000 years. With support from steering groups including people from around the world, it was a global event with daily updates and activities to take part in throughout April. There was a lecture series, the Untold Stories of famous Care Experienced people were shared on the CEHM social media channels every day and the world saw the first ever International Care Experienced Day of Remembrance on 30th April. 

This is an event to be celebrated yearly, and April is fast approaching, which means Care Experienced History Month 2022 is just around the corner. This year, after the massive global experience last year, we are dialling back the celebrations for a more focused but still very meaningful series of events. Care Experienced History Month 2022 will see a deeper focus on learning about and listening to stories and moments from the vast and global history of care. This will take the form of an evolved version of Untold Stories, as much of the history is indeed relatively untold. We are asking expert researchers to contribute to The Untold Stories Lecture Series, a series of lectures and seminars on care and care experience in different parts of history. If possible, these lectures will be available to attend in person. 

We are also asking experts to contribute blogs about similar topics which will be shared online and on social media throughout the month. Keep an eye out for our information on the lecture series, about how to get involved, and the blogs as they are shared throughout April. If you have information or a story about a Care Experienced person you feel needs to be told, you are more than welcome to share it with us by emailing 

As with last year, we will also be asking the world to join us in respecting the International Care Experienced Day of Remembrance by commemorating the Care Experienced people who have been present in our society for millennia, many of whom were oppressed, forgotten and unable to reach their potential. Again, taking place on the 30th April, we will share an image that you can reshare if you would like to show that you are taking part and would rather do so without saying anything outright. The way you wish to remember is entirely up to you.