Our Vision

This is our vision.  We will do what’s needed to achieve it.

To find out more on our strategic plan for 2018 – 2022 click here.

Why is this our vision?

Five years ago, we had 40 staff, our influencing team was 3 people, we provided a smaller number than today, but vital hours of advocacy to Care Experienced people. We also undertook very limited participation work.

Rolling forward to 2017 we have become an organization that belongs to all Care Experienced people. Ours is a membership organization – owned and governed by Care Experienced people. We have grown. We now have over 130 staff, one third of whom are Care Experienced. Our participation work now consists of large number of local groups and national events. We also seen an increase to advocacy support for Care Experienced Young People by 43%.

With our growth as an organisation, we have to also grow our ambitions. The Root and Branch Review of Care provides the opportunity to campaign for radical change.

Our vision is what will drive us over the coming years. To campaign for a way of delivering care that provides our young people with a lifetime of equality, a lifetime of respect and a lifetime of love.

To find out more on our strategic plan for 2018 – 2022 click here.



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