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What do this comedian, wrestling champion and Member of Parliament all have in common?

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What do this comedian, wrestling champion and Member of Parliament all have in common? 

  • New podcast brings people who grew up in care from all walks of life together.
  • As a guest on “Objects”, each person is diving deep into their lives to explore what shaped them.  
  • Charity Who Cares? Scotland says that each story can offer hope.

A new podcast featuring interviews with viral internet comedian Gary Meikle, Dundee MP Chris Law and former ICW wrestling champion Carmel Jacob has launched today. Every interviewee spent time in care when they were growing up, with grassroots Care Experienced activists also featured in the line-up.  

The series will feature conversations between host, campaigner Charlotte Armitage, and guests. 

The deep discussions are focused on the moments in life that shape us, the relationships that give us strength and the challenges that we overcome.

Each guest brings three objects to the conversation, representing their life before; during and after care. 

The people talking about their lives are given a rare opportunity to talk to someone who has also been in care in depth – while listeners are being given the rare opportunity to hear about how many different people experienced Scotland’s care system. The conversations are with people who have lived with extended family, in residential children’s homes, been in foster care and been adopted. 

The podcast has been created by the charity Who Cares? Scotland to highlight the diversity and potential of people who have experience of care.  

The podcast host, Charlotte Armitage said: 

“Across Scotland, there are people who find the notion of family history complex and challenging.

Lots of people don’t know where they’ve come from and might live in circumstances that make it hard to ask. I wanted to create a space where people could define their life on their own terms and hopefully, help the people listening to do the same.

“In my own life, I have always held onto things that mattered. I have a big box filled with objects I have collected over the years that to many people, will look like nothing special. But to me, these are my most treasured possessions.

I have small teddies that my big brother won for me at the fairground when I was a child and every card I have received in the last 10 years. I’ve kept the bears because they remind me of the time I got to see my brother after years of separation and the cards because ever since I was taken into care, to this very day, I never know and worry about whether anyone will remember to send me one the year after.

“I have always thought that objects matter and the stories you’ll hear in the podcast show just how important they can be.”

Dundee West MP Chris Law, who was one of those interviewed for Who Cares? Scotland’s Objects playlist, said

“For too many it continues to be difficult to speak about our time spent in care yet being care-experienced is nothing to be ashamed of. My time spent in care as a young person helped to shape me as a person, and it was an honour to be invited by Who Cares? Scotland to join them on their podcast to share my experiences growing up.

“I hope that this podcast will help more Care Experienced people feel able and willing to be open about their own experiences.”

Carmel Jacob said: 

“Taking part in the podcast was therapeutic. It was refreshing to give myself time and permission to reflect on my life and be in the moment with the emotions that I typically avoid.

In the toughest of times just now, there are some objects that have been a shining light as I think about what the future might be like.

“It feels surreal to say that I feel lucky to have had objects to choose from. I attach deep sentiment to objects that remind me of those I have loved and lost. I also attach hope to those objects that symbolise my future.

My objects are precious but it is the feelings of hope, joy, comfort and even sadness, that these objects elicit that I really cherish.”


Notes to Editors 

[1] Who Cares? Scotland is the national charity for people with experience of care, providing support for people of all ages.  

[2] Guests on the podcast are comedian Gary Meikle, Member of Parliament Chris Law, Glasgow Counsellor Graham Campbell, professional wrestler turned educational psychologist Carmel Jacob, campaigner of 20+ years Caroline Richardson, qualified social worker and youth worker Jemma Kerr and writer/activist Kenneth Murray. 

[3] The podcast is available wherever people get their podcasts