History and Cultural Impact of Care Experience

This presentation was originally delivered to the International Federation of Social Workers 2020 Conference. Who Cares? Scotland discusses the history of care in Scotland.

Global Reading List

An academic global reading list on Care Experienced history with books and articles focussing on a specific countries, time periods and moments in the history of care

Untold Stories Lecture: David Anderson – Scottish Care History: An Untold Story

Intended to herald in a new era of childcare, the Kilbrandon report saw Scotland make a number of changes to the care system. Changes in one area involved thousands of children and young people yet is rarely mentioned. Their experiences disappearing into the void of care file storage. Despite little research until now, David Anderson shines a light on a under-explored period of Scotland’s history.

Untold Stories Lecture: Kate Gibson – Care, Race and Illegitimacy in Eighteenth Century Britain

In the late 18th century, thousands of children were born to Indian women and white British men sent to expand the empire. Many of these children came to Britain to be raised by white foster families.

This lecture investigates the experience of one set of siblings to understand the impact of foster care, mixed heritage and birth outside marriage on individuals in the past.

Untold Stories Lecture: Dr. Chrisine Whyte – African Mission Children in Scotland in the 19th Century

Throughout the 19th century, Scottish missionaries ‘redeemed’ African children from the areas around mission stations. These children, often informally ‘adopted’ by the missionaries, came to Scotland to attend school or complete training. Delivered by Dr Christine Whyte, this lecture looks at the connections between empire, adoption and anti-slavery in the histories of African mission children in Scotland.