“I think Communities
that Care should be in
every community”

(Care Experienced Person)

What is the Communities that Care project?

We are committed to building stronger communities for everyone by creating more inclusive and caring environments for Care Experienced people to live in. Our Communities that Care programmes educate Scotland about care through awareness raising activity in local areas.

Our whole-school approach ensures that Care Experienced children and young people are nurtured and supported in their schools by educating entire schools about what care experience is and helping them develop empathy and understanding towards their Care Experienced pupils.

Our PSE Curriculum Resource Packs

At the heart of our whole-school approach are the “Learning About Care Experience” PSE Curriculum Resource Packs which contain lessons for children and young people to learn about care experience in a developmentally appropriate way from Early Years through to S6. The packs were co-produced by Who Cares? Scotland staff and volunteers, Care Experienced people of all ages and teachers from a range of Scottish local authorities. The resources are currently being piloted within Renfrewshire alongside the other elements of the whole-school approach.

To find out more about these resources, please email: lgoldie@whocaresscotland.org

Connection Opportunities

Alongside the whole-school approach, our Communities that Care programmes create a variety of connection opportunities for Care Experienced people of all ages to develop a strong sense of belonging within their communities. Our teams also create space for Care Experienced people to influence local decision makers and deliver awareness raising activity in communities to ensure they understand care experience.

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Where is Communities that Care delivered?

Communities that Care began in 2016 in Renfrewshire as a 5-year project (funded by STV Children’s Appeal). A model which is both replicable and sustainable, has been tested and developed based on the learning and impact of the original pilot. Find out more about our Communities that Care programmes in:


  • Renfrewshire
  • Edinburgh


Are you an educator? Then check out our latest resources for teachers that you can use and adapt to suit your audience.

Introduction to Care Experience Lesson Plan

Schools Resource Page

Communities that Care Resources

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For more information on how you can play a part in this journey towards liberation for Care Experienced people, get in touch with Laurie Goldie, Project Manager for Creating Communities that Care: