Your MSYPs

Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) are the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people. Every 2 years, SYP elections take place where young people aged 14-25 can run for election and gain a seat at The Scottish Youth Parliament. Successful MSYPs have a crucial role in representing young people, either for their local constituency, or a voluntary organisation.

At Who Cares? Scotland, our MSYPs represent our Care Experienced membership and bring their issues forth to the youth parliament and will often attend our events to consult members directly. They also sit on our National Representative Body.

If you have an issue that you would like addressed, you can contact your MSYPs by emailing or

Charles Fernando

Hi My name is Charles. I grew up in Aberdeenshire and I also spent time in Sri Lanka. My hobbies are reading and cooking. I currently living in Edinburgh, but I will be moving to Glasgow. I love volunteering and trip planning.

I am very honoured to be a part pf the NRB and I will perform this role to best of my abilities. I think that as community we have a long way to go to garner the respect and support, we deserve. I think there is much work to do especially around the difference of care provided across public bodies. I look forward to bringing our collective experiences to the Scottish Parliament.

Oisín King

Hey! I’m Oisín, I’m 17 and I live in Edinburgh at the moment with hopes to go back to my home city of Glasgow! I have always been driven and passionate about making sure that young people’s voices are heard, but Care Experienced voice has always been at the forefront of my focus.

As MSYP it is my job to ensure that the young people of Scotland and Who Cares? Scotland members are listened to by decision-makers that will spark radical changes. I am also a massive book-lover and have a major obsession with iced coffee…It’s becoming an issue.

Find out more about the Scottish Youth Parliament and other MSYPs here.

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