The Annual Participation Programme

Since August 2020, The Annual Participation Programme had been a one-stop-shop for members to decide on, find out about and become involved in our main influencing priorities for the year ahead. Members could take part in a variety of participation opportunities including surveys, local group sessions, focus groups and engage in other creative ways such as writing a letter, poem or song, or creating a video about the themes. More online participation took place as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns, and we adapted our participation model and continue to reflect on how to reach as many Care Experienced people as possible.

We focussed on themes selected by our membership, the National Representative Body and MSYPs, as well as relevant political opportunities, including reacting to live and evolving issues such as the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We advocated for the change members want to see on these topics to decision-makers in the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, Corporate Parents and The Promise Scotland.

You can learn more about the Annual Participation Programme from previous National  Representative Body member Marissa Roxburgh here.

Reflecting on the 2020/22 Programme

Here’s a summary of what we achieved throughout The Annual Participation Programme!

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Child and Human Rights

Q&A with The Promise 

During this period we were also involved in other influencing work, you can find out more on pages 34-37 of our Annual Report.

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If you have any questions about the Annual Participation Programme, please get in contact with Laura Pasternak, Policy & Public Affairs Manager