Who We Are

Care Experienced people have been the subjects of movies, books, TV shows and stories for centuries. We're taking a closer look.

Care and Care Experience has been represented in fictional and news media for centuries.

In 1861, Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations focused on Pip and his journey from Kinship care to adult life. In 1997, JK Rowling published the first part in Harry Potter’s adventure from kinship care to a residential wizarding school.

There have been hundreds of representations and portrayals since.

“Who We Are” is about Care Experienced people examining how our lives are represented in films, on TV, on radio, in books and in the news.  We ask if they’re fair, if they’re accurate, if they’re balanced and how involved Care Experienced people have been in their creation.

In March 2019, the project was awarded the Young Person’s Campaign award at the UK wide National Campaigner Awards. 

You can get involved with the campaign by joining our media club, enquiring about our media panel and recommending publications and articles.

Media Club

We provide our members with books, comics, streaming service passes and/or DVDs so that they can access stories that have been created about Care Experienced people. They then review what they’ve seen/heard, with a focus on how well they felt the creator represented their lives.

Media Panel

We have brought together a group of Care Experienced people with media expertise to take a deeper look at the impact of past and present portrayals of Care Experienced people.

Rosie Canning is a Doctoral Researcher at University of Southampton, focusing on the representation of orphans and care experience in literature. She wants to examine this research through the lens of both creative and critical practice. This means writing an autobiographical novel and a critical thesis.

Kirsty Capes is a PhD candidate at Brunel University, focusing on women and Care Experienced people in fiction. She is currently writing a novel and works in marketing.

Kenny Murray is a public relations graduate, with more than five years experience of working in private sector PR and communication. He has created fundraising, marketing and advertising campaigns that have featured in mainstream news media.

We are recruiting two new members to our media panel. If you would like to know more, please email us.

Direct Campaigning

We take our reviews and thoughts to creators. We highlight good work when we see it and provide challenge when it feels necessary.

Members of our bookclub met with Jacqueline Wilson, author of the Tracy Beaker series, to talk about how those books and associated media have felt.

Our media club members hosted a screening of Instant Family and spoke with the writer and producer of the film, Sean Anders, about what the movie meant to them.

They also met with First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, to talk about the impact that negative and judgemental portrayals of Care Experienced people can lead to stigma in communities.

Media Guide

We are currently working on a media guide that will offer practical support and guidance to news desks and media producers on how to write about Care Experienced people. This guide will be based on the reviews of hundreds of Media Club members and an audit of  news articles that have featured Care Experienced people.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.