About the Scottish Youth Parliament

Your Who Cares? Scotland Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament is Charles Fernando.

Charles will stand as MSYP from March 2022 until 2024, and throughout this time he will be looking to hear about the issues most important to you and discuss changes you’d like to see happen in Scotland. As your representative, it is his role to listen to you and amplify the voices of the Care Experienced community within this vital youth forum.

Meet your MSYP


Charles Fernando

Hi My name is Charles. I grew up in Aberdeenshire and I also spent time in Sri Lanka. My hobbies are reading and cooking. I currently living in Edinburgh, but I will be moving to Glasgow. I love volunteering and trip planning. I

I am very honoured to be a part pf the NRB and I will perform this role to best of my abilities. I think that as community we have a long way to go to garner the respect and support, we deserve. I think there is much work to do especially around the difference of care provided across public bodies. I look forward to bringing our collective experiences to the Scottish Parliament.

Apply Now!

Applications to stand in the Scottish Youth Parliament’s 2023 elections are now open. 

The Education and Engagement team can deliver engaging and interactive sessions that work to support attendees’ knowledge and understanding of care experience and Corporate Parenting. Our experienced Education and Engagement Officers will work with you to ensure the session is tailored to you and your organisation. The content of this training is fully-informed by the voice of Care Experienced people – children, young people and adults who have lived experience of care.

This session can be delivered remotely, utilising platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or an in-person session can be offered. 

Training content 

The session covers: 

  • What is care experience and who are Care Experienced people?
  • What do Care Experienced people say about their experiences?
  • What is Corporate Parenting, and how can it be broken down into an easily understandable concept?
  • What does best practice look like when it comes to planning and reportingas a Corporate Parent?
  • How can you respond to The Promise and your responsibilitiesas outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)? 

The Logistics 

This session usually lasts around 3 hours, however we can be flexible on this to suit your workforce. It can be delivered as a one-off session or we can offer a programme of training sessions to reach all layers and levels of your organisation. It is encouraged that all senior staff and board members participate in Corporate Parenting training.

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To enquire about refresher training, please email corporateparenting@whocaresscotland.org.

Collaborative training spaces are useful ways to connect with other Corporate Parents and share practice and learning. An important duty of a Corporate Parent is to collaborate with other relevant Corporate Parents to ensure support is provided for Care Experienced people.

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We can review your Corporate Parenting plan and offer recommendations on areas for improvement and strengths that can be built on. We can also share with you examples of promising practice being carried out by other Corporate Parents, intended to inspire and promote collaboration.

Find out more about Scottish Youth Parliament, visit www.syp.org.uk.


If you have any questions about the Scottish Youth Parliament or the MSYPs, please get in touch with Megan Moffat

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