Scottish Government Report: All Learners in Scotland Matter – national discussion on education

This week the Scottish Government held a debate on education, following publication of the report of the National Discussion on Education. While we welcome the report, we would like to see more focus on Care Experienced learners in the recommendations.

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As The Promise states: ‘Schools in Scotland must be ambitious for care experienced children and ensure they have all they need to thrive, recognising that they may experience difficulties associated with their life story.’

It is encouraging to see the report highlight the importance of schools understanding care and Care Experienced people, as well as recommendations supporting whole-school approaches, children’s rights-based approaches and scaling up local schools programmes.

Who Cares? Scotland’s Communities that Care whole-school approach to learning about Care Experience meets these aims to build stronger communities for everyone, read more here.

However, care experience is not given enough consideration in the recommendations, particularly where equality groups are listed and despite being addressed in the consultation analysis. The consultation analysis stated that reform should:

  • help Keep The Promise
  • support stronger aspirations for Care Experienced learners
  • embed learning about care and Corporate Parenting into teacher training

All of which we fully support and will continue to work to achieve.

To keep the Promise, we must make sure schools focus on Care Experience when promoting equality. When we get it right for every child, we ensure they can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

To find out more about the Communities that Care whole-school approach contact Lynsey Emery, Schools Coordinator 

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