Participation of Care Experienced People

We offer a wide range of groups, activities and events for care experienced people across Scotland.  This is one of the many benefits of becoming a member of the Who Cares? Scotland family.

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What does care experienced mean?

The term “care experienced” refers to anyone who has been, or is currently in care. This care may have been provided in many different settings, such as:

  • Kinship care – living with a relative who is not your mum or dad.
  • Looked after at home – with the help of social work.
  • Residential care – living in a residential unit or school.
  • Foster care – living with foster carers.
  • Secure care – living in a secure unit.
  • Adoption

The benefits of getting involved

Hear from our members what being a member means to them.

Reward and Recognition

Becoming a member means you can take advantage of our universal offer which includes being sent a welcome pack when you join, Birthday cards, Christmas parcels and copies of our membership magazine, SpeakOut. It also means we’ll let you know about any unique opportunities on offer, such as free tickets to events.

I know I can count on Who Cares? Scotland to send me a Birthday card every year.

The chance to connect with people who have similar or shared experiences helps everyone to feel understood, respected and like they belong. We support and resource safe and valued local, regional and national spaces, bringing members together to build peer relationships, explore their identities and shape the world around us.

The first word I think of is community. It gives us a network. The other word is family, you’re part of something bigger.

The best thing is people support you and you make nice friendships.

I have met loads of inspirational people. If I didn’t have Who Cares I wouldn’t have met the people I know today

We support and empower members to develop as representatives who can speak on behalf of the membership community. We gather members together, invest in them, and support them to elevate their collective voice. Our members help to shape and inform Who Cares? Scotland’s decision-making processes as well as having the aspiration to positively change Scottish culture to ensure a better future for care experienced people.

I was only ever going to contribute if I felt that there would be a real chance something concrete would come of my contribution.

How to get involved

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