Youth Volunteering Case Study

Hear from youth volunteer Shaun about why volunteering is important and how it's benefitted him.

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What made you want to volunteer with Who Cares? Scotland?  

I wanted to help young people to have a better future. I wanted to use my experience to help make more children’s childhoods better.   

What previous experience have you had volunteering/employment? 

I had volunteered at sport events at school and at after school clubs. I got my first job after starting volunteering at WCS. 

What support have you received as a volunteer with Who Cares? Scotland?  

I feel I have been supported to be more confident, having the opportunity to deliver activities and have better communication. My 1-1s have helped and I have been supported throughout my volunteering at the groups.  

What training have you received as a volunteer and how do you feel this has helped? 

I received different training but in particular, the Child Protection training really helped me to feel more confident working with children and was helpful when I went for my first job at a soft play. This training helped me gain this job as I had gained knowledge.  

What strengths/skills do you feel you have brought to your volunteering role or developed?   

I feel I brought enthusiasm, friendliness, and fun. My volunteering has helped me to develop my communication skills, my teamwork, time management and confidence. I am now never late for things and try to prioritise being early as I realise the importance of this.  

What benefits do you feel volunteering has had on you? What benefits do you foresee volunteering having on your future?  

 I have developed friendships through my volunteering. I have really been able to come out of my shell and grow in confidence, being able to have the opportunity to show my potential. I have been able to develop skills for my college course and new job. I have had the opportunity to plan activities and how to get the best out of younger children. I have a better awareness of their needs. I want to get into the Police and working with young people and volunteering has really helped me to be certain that this is the career I want to follow. This has given me confidence to work towards this goal. Volunteering has helped me to become more like who I really am because it has shown me what I can do. I haven’t really had any opportunities before volunteering at WCS but here I can show my skills and it’s even shown me skills I didn’t know I had.

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