What Volunteering Means to Me – Jim’s Volunteer Blog

Hear from Jim, one of our Volunteers in Moray, who talks about why volunteering is important to him.

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Volunteering with Who Cares? is the best thing I have ever done. 

It is important for me because I know the difficulties that care experienced young people can come up against as they try to make their way in life, often having to deal with stigmas, prejudices and a general lack of understanding which is mainly due to decades of misinformation, hiding the problems away and in some cases care experienced young and older people not feeling comfortable within themselves because they had good reasons, through past experiences, to be reluctant to trust in the wider community and adults who they felt had failed them. 

I understand that and can relate to all of this because I was one of them. I was fortunate because someone listened to me, talked to me, gave me a little bit of their time and believed in me and that made all the difference for me. 

If I can give back that little bit and make a wee bit of a difference by brightening up just one day or bringing a smile to a young person’s face and showing that I care then that will make me so proud because I know how important that can be. 


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