Comment on Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

Duncan Dunlop, Chief Executive of Who Cares? Scotland, comments on the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill - 2nd April 2020

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Duncan Dunlop, Chief Executive of Who Cares? Scotland said:

“Doing the right thing is even more important at times of crisis. We must not pick and choose when to uphold the rights of children and young people. We are urging everyone to think deeply about the decisions that they are making and to ensure there is space to genuinely listen to the voice of the children that they are looking after.

Many rights that exist for Care Experienced people today are competing with national Covid-19 response guidance and legislation. We have heard from young people who have told us that they have been moved home with no consultation, separated from their brothers and sisters and been left alone in their own flat with no support. All of these examples have been carried out under the banner of helping combat the virus and protect public services.

We recognise that there is a confused, worried and nervous workforce out there, trying its best at a time of crisis. Unfortunately for many Care Experienced people, watching their rights be taken away by stressed, under resourced adults is nothing new. That reality makes it even more important that we don’t ask them to carry a further burden.”

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