The Weekly News Roundup – 5/12/22

Care Experienced news stories from 29th of November - 5th of December. This week's highlights include an interview with Care Experienced actress, Samantha Morton and Wales celebrates hosting its first summit to listen to the voices of Care Experienced people.

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The first ever summit for children and young people in care and care leavers in Wales took place on Saturday 3rd December.

First ever summit will ensure young people with experience of care have their voices heard | GOV.WALES

Actress, Samantha Morton talks about her dream to create two sequels to her 2009 feature film The Unloved which followed the story of a young girl going into care. Morton is herself Care Experienced.

‘I was owned by the state’: Samantha Morton on foster care, political carnage and the time Robbie Coltrane paid for her curry

Here’s your news from across the UK:

A positive piece about becoming a foster carer.

Fostering – ‘just do it’ – Warwickshire County Council

A UK school was unsupportive of a Care Experienced young person’s dreams of attending university.

‘School talked only about care leavers going to prison’ – BBC News

A woman who was adopted as a baby didn’t find out until she was a teenager that she had Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Now she is helping other children in care with the condition.

How I found success despite foetal alcohol spectrum disorder – BBC News

Another feature on the academic attainment of Care Experienced people.

Care-experienced students face lack of support on higher education, report finds | The Independent

A 16-year-old girl has won an award for her work supporting kids in care at the Children and Young People Now Awards.

Teenager scoops national award for work with children in care – London Post (

An interview with the directors of the John Lewis advert.

How John Lewis Taught Us the Importance ‘Thoughtful Gestures’ | LBBOnline

The Big Issue has run a story about the monetization of Care.

Four in five of the children’s homes in England are run for profit – here’s why that is a problem – The Big Issue

More concerns raised over cost of National Care Service.

1000s of Glasgow children to receive £400 payment as part of tackling cost of living crisis.

Rise in care population driven by increase in asylum seeking children.

Article on importance of advocacy and the lack of awareness of advocacy amongst the Care Experienced population

Public Hearings at Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry close learning of 84 years of abuse.

Here’s your news from the rest of the world:

An interview with an American Care Experienced children’s advocate and his take on what needs to change in the US system. Trigger Warning: mentions of abuse.

Fixing foster care wouldn’t actually be that hard — or that expensive |

An article praising President Biden for including Kinship Care in his budget.

Kinship care is the future of the child welfare system — let’s make it accessible to everyone | The Hill

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