Response to the First Minister’s Resignation

Our Chair, Ryan McCuaig, responds to the news of the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's resignation.

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“We note with sadness the resignation of the First Minister and would like to place on record our thanks on behalf of our 3,933 Care Experienced members and the wider Care Experienced community for her tireless commitment to our cause.


“Throughout her tenure, Nicola Sturgeon has been alongside Care Experienced people with open arms. She’s listened to us, amplified our voices and made us feel valued and supported. She has also committed to delivering transformational change to ensure we all grow up feeling nurtured and loved.  

“From listening to more than 1,000 voices of Care Experienced people and delivering the Independent Care Review, to walking the Kiltwalk with our members, and joining us at countless events, she has been a true ally to the Care Experienced community. 


“We are pleased to hear that she will remain in politics and her commitment to seeing through the change promised to Care Experienced people, cannot be in doubt. We hope to continue working with the First Minister in pursuit of our vision which we know she shares – a lifetime of equality, respect and love for all Care Experienced people. 

“We hope her successor steps up for the Care Experienced community, just as Nicola Sturgeon did, and carries our cause as close to their heart as she has done throughout her time as First Minister.”

To read more about Sturgeon’s resignation read what she had to say in The Herald.