Update on our work with the SQA

Who Cares? Scotland respond to news that the SQA will be replaced with a new organisation.

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We understand that being a learner at school or college since early 2020 has been a real challenge, so we have been working with Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to better understand the alternative certification model and the appeals processfor 2021 and how this might impact Care Experienced learners.

If you are Care Experienced and have any worries about your certification result, the appeals process or would just like to talk it all through, please contact our Helpline on 0330 107 7540 or email help@whocaresscotland.org. The phone line is available 12 noon to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

SQA has told us that their focus right now is on supporting young people to get the qualifications they deserve in this exceptional and challenging year. The Scottish Government had asked the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to review the Curriculum for Excellence programme that manages how and what you are taught and what qualifications you study at school or college from when you are 3 until you are 18.

The OECD report was published on 21 June, and it made a number of recommendations to the Scottish Government. The Cabinet Secretary for Education accepted all the recommendations and, as part of their response, announced that the SQA will be replaced by a new organisation.

We are in conversation with SQA, and Scottish Government, about what this may mean in the future for Care Experienced learners. There is no immediate impact on you, and it will not affect your results and appeals this year. We will keep you updated as things progress and how you may be able to add your voice to the shaping of the new organisation.

SQA said:

‘We continue to take our Corporate Parenting duties very seriously and remain committed to our duties and responsibilities towards Care Experienced people. As a proud Corporate Parent, SQA is committed to helping Care Experienced people realise the brighter futures they deserve.’