Media Review: Life is Strange – True Colors

Care Experienced board member Alicia Santana reviews the latest entry in Square Enix's popular video game series

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Life is Strange: True Colors is the newest branch to the adventurous, narrative-led Life is Strange (LiS) videogame series and my favourite yet. I’ve been playing the LiS games incrementally since the first game was released in 2015 and I don’t think I’ve shut up about them since.

When I sit down and play games from this series, I feel like I’m coming home to something and I become so deeply connected to the storyline, characters, scenery, and perhaps most of all, the impeccable soundtracks that complement each game, creating a wistful, nostalgic and atmospheric experience for the player. And if I couldn’t worship the series enough, they released True Colors, which I truly believe is the perfect game.

Life is Strange: True Colors follows the story of Alex Chen, a young woman that leaves the care system to embark on a new chapter of her life in Haven Springs, Colorado, with her estranged big brother.

We soon realize that Alex has been suppressing an inner power – empathy. Alex has the ability to feel the emotions of those around her, allowing her to parallel their emotional responses and triggers. As she navigates Haven Springs, interacting with new friends along the way, her power becomes more difficult to manage. Every choice you make will impact the overall narrative and ending – so choose wisely!

Life is Strange: True Colors has meaningfully researched Care Experienced representation that was informed and led by people in care.

There are lots of clever care-related nuances throughout the game that allowed me to feel seen and heard, but are scripted in a way that offers non-Care Experienced people an insight into our reality. The developers also spoiled us with more Queer+ representation, which has been famously present across all games within the series. And the most exciting feature for me personally – Alex Chen is a musician! It’s almost as if the developers decided to document me and my own life.

The Life is Strange games have a way of guiding you through the darkness that life throws at you.

If I had the opportunity to play these games whilst I was in care, I think they’d be even more life-changing for me.

I would encourage all Who Cares? Scotland members to become immersed in the world of Life is Strange!