A Letter To Our Members

Duncan Dunlop pens a letter to our members addressing the current Coronavirus crisis.

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As more measures are put in place to keep us safe, I wanted to write to you and let you know how Who Cares? Scotland is changing.

Every morning I wake up, I am thinking about the Care Experienced people who are at risk of being left behind and alone by what decisions Governments may have to take. I know that everyone connected to Who Cares? Scotland is the same.

I’m so grateful to our staff team, volunteers and board for responding quickly and thoughtfully. We’ve taken some immediate actions that I have outlined below. This will, by no means, be all that we do. It’s the best offer we have, for the moment, with the resources that are available to us.

If you already have a relationship with a member of staff at Who Cares? Scotland, stay connected with them. We are still delivering advocacy and youth work.

It remains critical that, no matter how difficult circumstances are, your voice is heard when decisions are being made.

Our advocates are also up to date on the changes that we are making and will be able to help you access help.

But this is a time like no other, so we are enhancing our offer to best meet some of your immediate needs whilst the impact of the Coronavirus lasts. This includes:

  • We have released £10,000 from our reserves into the hands of our local workers. If you tell a local worker that you need support with shopping; a mobile phone top up; utility bills or something else that is urgent – we will help you directly. In any other circumstance, we would help you to access support from those who have legal duties to look after you. We think it is important, at this time, to keep you connected to the world and safe as quickly as possible.
  • We have set up a first response team, with dedicated phone numbers and an email address. We will have someone with a friendly voice at the end of the phone, who can help you access advice and information and practical support, where we can offer it. For the moment, we’ll have someone available to you between 10am until 6pm, from Monday to Friday. This service will evolve, in content and availability, as we get a better understanding of what you want to talk to us about and when.
  • We have asked our staff team to consider the talents, skills and professional competencies that have gained outside of their current role with Who Cares? Scotland. Where we have people who have the will and ability to make a difference as part of our efforts, or other people’s efforts, they will be free to do so.

I can appreciate the nervousness, worry and stress that this moment is bringing. Who Cares? Scotland will do whatever it can to support you with this. If there is something that we haven’t thought of, if you have an idea that might make life easier for Care Experienced people during this time, then please let us know at help@whocaresscotland.org

We are taking everything into consideration and will make sure that the best person is in touch to explore your thoughts further.

Yours Aye,