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Care Experienced news stories from the 7th to the 14th of November. This was the week that the John Lewis advert aired, and it was everywhere!

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John Lewis Christmas Ad

As you might have seen the big news last week was that John Lewis launched their Christmas advert and this year it is a story about a foster dad who is learning to skateboard to impress his new foster child. We are immensely proud to be part of this and to have John Lewis as our charity partner. If you have managed to miss it, you can watch it below!

The advert has already generated a lot of media attention. Read the best of these articles here:

The advert aims to raise awareness of children in care with the story of a middle-aged man learning to skateboard.

John Lewis has used its Christmas advert to raise awareness of children in care with the story of a middle-aged man learning to skateboard before welcoming a young teenager into the family home.

The John Christmas advert will help shine a light on the inequalities experienced by people who have lived in care in partnership with a Scottish charity.

John Lewis Christmas advert to benefit Scottish charity – The National

‘The Beginner’ created by Biscuit Filmworks features a cover of Blink 182’s ‘All the Small Things’ performed by Mike Geier as it shines a light on children in care

Retailer John Lewis has released their new Christmas advert – and it’s a tear-jerker.

Children in care are in the biggest ad slot of the year and hopefully, eventually in the thoughts of the general public.

Jo Newby, who has fostered 92 children over 18 years, gives her thoughts on the new Christmas ad.

“As I walked through the living room door to find a karaoke machine, a smile spread across my face.” - Rachel shares her experience of going into foster care when she was 11.

Vote for your favourite John Lewis Christmas advert with The Mirror. So far The Beginner is in the lead!

Here’s the rest of your news from across the UK:

The Children’s Commissioner for England writes about the Help at Hand team, which provides advice on a variety of issues affecting children and young people.

Yorkshire charity, Kindship launched its #ValueOurLove campaign, urging the government to provide immediate support for kinship carers and implement the recommendations from the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care.

Kibble staff have been given an equivalent of 12% pay rise. CEO hopes other orgs will follow suit to keep staff.

A study undertaken by the charity Coram Voice and The Rees Centre at the University of Oxford finds life is improving for majority of people in care.

Another article discusses the study which has listened to 10,000 voices over 9 years.

Singer, James Arthur reflects on experience of being placed into foster care.

Dorset Council currently considering asking private schools to take in refugees.

Former SNP health secretary calls for NCS to be scrapped.

Worries NCS implementation could fall outside of devolved powers.

Foster carers are considering quitting if they do not get more money amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Government confirms clamp down on top-performing schools that deny places to Care for Experienced children.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is now looking after 1,057 vulnerable youngsters after a 55% rise in admissions.

Celebrity story about kinship care.

Social worker awarded fostering commendation.


Here’s your news from the rest of the world:

The Kenyan Government plans to phase out children’s homes and orphanages with the goal of having children back in families and under community-based care.

An article detailing experiences of Care Experienced people in Australia (CW: Child abuse)

The US Supreme Court is to hear the case of Texan adoptive parents fighting to keep custody of a Native American child who argues tribes have “race-based priority”.

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