Who Cares? Scotland Shows Support for The Promise Plan 21-24

Louise Hunter, CEO of Who Cares? Scotland, responds to The Promise’s launch of Plan 21-24.

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“Today The Promise announced Plan 21-24 which is the route map to change. In this plan they outline what must be achieved over the next three years to #KeepThePromise. As an organisation that works alongside and on behalf of Care Experienced people across Scotland, Who Cares? Scotland looks forward to supporting Plan 21-24 over this next three year period.

Since our creation in 1978, we have advocated with and for Care Experienced people, in pursuit of a lifetime of equality, respect and love. Whilst we will continue to advocate when necessary, the announcement of a route map will allow for us all to be held to account on what we say we’ll do to keep The Promise.

It’s clear that this plan provides Scotland with an opportunity to deliver on what is needed. Over the next three years and beyond, we will do everything we can to ensure our members are heard, informed and involved in this process. We too are committed to doing what we can to keep The Promise.”