Help Design New Sexual Health Guidance for the NHS

Who Cares? Scotland team up with the NHS to create new resources about sexual health.

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Everyone wants to be able to find the right support and advice around their relationships and sexual health.

Working in a group of Care Experienced people with Who Cares? Scotland and NHS staff, our members are being offered a chance to design and create new guidance and resources for the NHS workforce and carers. We want to make sure that they have the right information and skills to support Care Experienced people make confident and informed decisions around their sexual health and wellbeing.

We will be talking about consent, relationships, development, contraception, and everything in between! We will make the sessions fun, and there will be activities (and food)!

The group will meet regularly online between May and October 2022 with holiday and rest breaks in between.

The online meetings will be a safe space for discussions and we would love this to be a diverse and inclusive group, so let us know if there is anything we can do to help you join us.

There are different ways to get involved, to find out more get in touch with our National Development Officer Jo by emailing or by calling 07598580316.