The Collective

Towards a Scotland where Care Experienced people have a lifetime of equality, respect and love. 

Who Cares? Scotland believes in the power of individual and collective voice. This is how we have achieved meaningful and lasting change for all Care Experienced people. Our members have secured a change in the age at which young people can remain in care, the introduction of the Care Experienced bursary and the announcement of a Root and Branch review of care. Our approach has always been deeply rooted in amplifying the voice of care experienced individuals and groups, to be heard by the most powerful people.

A significant moment for change

Our vision is for a lifetime of Equally, Respect and Love for care experienced people. We believe that there has never been a more powerful moment to achieve this vision. Care Experienced people have told us that they want to be part of change and that they want to take control of their own narrative.

That’s why we are launching The Collective. This group, made up entirely of Care Experienced people, will be responsible for:

  • Delivering the vision of a Lifetime of Equality, Respect & Love.
  • Speaking out on behalf of Who Cares? Scotland’s members.
  • Influencing decision makers at a global and national level.

If you’re an activist, a Care Experienced professional or if you sit in your bedroom and think about changing the world – The Collective needs you. The only essential characteristic of a Collective member is that they believe that change is possible. You’ll be part of a strong team, supported to develop throughout the journey and your voice will be amplified.


  • Recruitment opens: 2nd November 2018
  • Glasgow Application Drop In Session: 10th November 2018
    5 Oswald Street, G1 4QR
    This session is for members who may want help with or to discuss their application before submitting it. If you would like to attend, please email
  • Edinburgh Application Drop In Session: 17th November 2018
    1-3 Canon Street, EH3 5HE
    This session is for members who may want help with or to discuss their application before submitting it. If you would like to attend, please email
  • Recruitment closes: 30th November 2018
  • Interviews: interview process will begin 26th November 2018 
  • 1st Collective meeting: Sunday 9th December 2018 (venue TBC)
  • 2nd Collective meeting (residential):  26 -27th January 2019
  • 3rd Collective meeting (residential): April 2019
  • 4th Collective meeting: one day conference – June 2018
  • 5th Collective meeting (residential): 21st-22nd September 2019
  • 6th Collective meeting: October 2019

            Dates for 2020 to be agreed

How to apply for The Collective

If you are interested in being part of The Collective, you can complete an online application form at

As part of the application form you will be asked to submit a 500 word written statement or a short video of at least 90 seconds that details why a lifetime of equality, respect and love for care experienced people matters to you. You can email us the video direct, or if it is too long we suggest you use and email us the file at

You may wish to provide us with a supporting statement from either a group that you intend to represent (where this is the case) or a peer or supporting adult who will provide an additional perspective endorsing your suitability for this work. This group or person can simply email us their supporting statement at;

We hope that you will feel inspired to apply and support, on behalf of your members and the wider Care Experienced population of Scotland, a lifetime of equality, respect and love for all Care Experienced people.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities and funding partners, who make our work possible
Who Cares? Scotland Funding Partners