The Collective

Towards a Scotland where Care Experienced people have a lifetime of equality, respect and love. 

Who Cares? Scotland believes in the power of individual and collective voice. This is how we have achieved meaningful and lasting change for all Care Experienced people. Our members have secured a change in the age at which young people can remain in care, the introduction of the Care Experienced bursary and the announcement of a Root and Branch review of care. Our approach has always been deeply rooted in amplifying the voice of care experienced individuals and groups, to be heard by the most powerful people.

A significant moment for change

Our vision is for a lifetime of Equally, Respect and Love for care experienced people. We believe that there has never been a more powerful moment to achieve this vision. Care Experienced people have told us that they want to be part of change and that they want to take control of their own narrative.

The National Representative Body

The Collective is Who Cares? Scotland’s National Representative Body (NRB). It is comprised of Care Experienced members of Who Cares? Scotland and functions as a congress representing the broader membership between annual Members’ Assemblies, these being the sovereign expression of the membership.

The NRB performs the following key functions:

  • Supporting the design and delivery of Who Cares? Scotland’s Annual Programme of participation and influencing work, as approved by our annual Members’ Assembly.
  • Operating as a reference group for new projects and initiatives, sense-checking and supporting the design of activities proposed by the organisation and broader membership
  • Directly supporting the organisation’s influencing work through representing the organisation as spokespeople and contributing to the production of reports, press releases and news articles
  • Supporting membership appraisal of organisational activity and shaping of organisational priorities through engagement with advocacy and participation outcomes, design/interpretation of the annual Member Survey, reporting to the annual Members’ Assembly and other activities.


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With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.