Our Mission

We want to see a Scotland where care experienced people are equal members of society. We want those with experience of care to know that they are not alone.

Who Cares? Scotland works with children, young people and adults with experience of care.

  • We help them speak out with our independent advocacy;
  • We help them come together with our group work;
  • We secure and strengthen their rights with our policy and training; and
  • We ensure that their qualities and successes are recognised across society with our campaigns.

We work hard to bring those delivering care, the Government, young people and other organisations together. We believe that the only way to help care experienced people reach their potential is by working together.

Who Cares?Scotland gives us the connections we need to feel a part of something, united, know that we’re valued, cared about and loved and that is why I am so pleased and proud to be a part of this organisation and my care family and it’s so, so important Who Cares? Scotland exists.

Care experienced board member, Who Cares? Scotland

Our work will not stop until the outcomes for care experienced people have changed for good.

To find out more about the history of Who Cares? Scotland click here.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities and funding partners, who make our work possible
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