Meet our Board- Seonag MacKinnon

If you could be any animal, which would it be?
I love dolphins. They seem playful, friendly and smart. I would have to be in warm seas however. Cold water ain’t my thing!

What was your first job?
Working at weekends in a sweet shop . It was probably illegal as I was only 14 at the time. I was struck by people battling through snow and ice to buy ice creams, one woman addicted to buying chocolate ginger sweeties every 24 hours and the owner’s illegal sale of single cigarettes to children. I only stayed a few weeks.

What is the most important lesson that life has taught you?
I think it’s important to love learning new things and to stick at things (apart from dodgy jobs.)

Do you have a message for Who Cares? Scotland’s Care Experienced members?
Be proud of who you are. Many from more comfortable backgrounds aren’t half as interesting or as resilient as you. No matter how tough things may be day to day, I really hope one part of you will focus on a long term goal of getting qualifications at school or later, which will make your future lives more fulfilling and secure.

Do you have a message for Who Cares? Scotland’s staff?
I feel proud every day to be linked to this group of people who for our members go the extra mile and many miles beyond that. They are kind, fun and wise. Their involvement in the selection of our new chief executive helped ensure that we homed in on Louise Hunter who really “gets” what Who Cares? Scotland needs to achieve for those with care experience.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.