Emergency Appeal in Response to Coronavirus

Who Cares? Scotland will provide a variety of support packages to Care Experienced people who are facing crisis during the Coronavirus pandemic, please donate now to support this service.


You can donate via our CAF page here or through our JustGiving page.




What your donation might pay for:

  • £10 will help us top up someone’s phone
  • £30 will help us keep in regular contact and offer support to someone
  • £50 will help us provide food and essentials for those who may be struggling
  • £90 will help us do all of the above for someone.

Why support this campaign?

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a viral pandemic effecting the worldwide population right now. The UK has seen cases rising significantly and now we are hearing about deaths. The UK Government has implemented measures to reduce the spread of the virus and calls on individuals to socially distance themselves or self isolate if they have symptoms or are at high risk. The Government has asked communities to pull together, families to use their resources to support each other through these trying times. For most, this is a simple ask and easy to carry out – pick up extra shopping, top up the utility prepayments, call, facetime or text each other, keep up to date with developments online.

For Care Experienced people, the odds are already stacked against them – they often don’t the family networks and support that most do. They can’t call on parents to lend them an extra £50 for the gas, electricity or mobile phone top up. Younger Care Experienced people often don’t have the facilities to call on someone to do a shop for them if they are experiencing symptoms – imagine being unwell with Coronavirus and no one is even checking if you’re ok? This is going to be the reality for so many. Especially, where there’s been informal arrangements such as kinship care with no social work intervention – these people won’t be on the radar of anyone.

Who Cares? Scotland is a leading advocacy and campaigning charity led by Care Experienced members. We are a relationship based organisation and this strength will allow us to transform into providing an emergency support service for Care Experienced people in crisis during the Coronavirus pandemic.

By supporting us, you’ll be supporting:

  • Telephone/online support service
  • Financial support to pay utilities like gas, electricity, phone and internet
  • Financial support to pay for essential supplies like food and hygiene products
With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.