Help shape our future at our AGM

The details


Friday 21 February, Registration from 13:30, event starting at 14:00 and ending at 17:00.


The Courtyard Room, West Brewery, Templeton Building, Glasgow, G40 1AW


Who Cares? Scotland members are cordially invited to join us for our AGM to meet our Board and hear about what we’ve achieved over the last year; vote on potential new board members; and discuss and vote on important matters including our strategic priorities for the coming year.


How to get involved

Attending in person

You can register for this event online.   There will be no need to fill in your online voting card as you’ll have the option to vote on the day.

If you can’t attend in person

You’ll still have the chance to cast your votes for motions, new board members and strategic priority areas.  We’ll be emailing out an online voting card to all members by Friday 14 February.  If you’re not attending on the day, you’ll have until Wednesday 19 February to cast your vote.  If you haven’t received your voting email by Monday 17 February, please contact us at


Matters that will be voted on at the AGM

Special resolution:  Update to our Articles of Association

Our Articles of Association (Constitution) is a formal document which sets out our purpose as an organisation, as well as various regulations we follow in order to operate. This document lays out how various tasks are accomplished within the organisation, including how directors join and leave our board, and how and when members will be asked to vote.  You can find two version of the Articles of Association at the bottom of this page: the current version and proposed updated versions of the Articles of Association in the Papers section of this webpage.

This year we took some advice on how we could improve our Articles of Association to ensure they meet the very highest governance standards. It was recommended that we add some new sections which give more detail on both our recruitment process for board directors, and the circumstance in which we would seek to remove a board director.

We are proposing the following additions, which can be found on page 11 and 12 of the Update Articles of Association:

“52.       The directors will oversee a recruitment process for new directors in advance of elections, to ensure potential candidates are best prepared to assume the roles.


  1. A director shall automatically vacate office in accordance with article 52 or if any of the following occurs:

(i)      an investigation by the directors finds he/she has materially breached the code of conduct or seriously or persistently breached charity trustee duties.”

Members who will attend to vote at the AGM will be asked to approve these changes to the Articles of Association.  There will also be the option for members who can’t attend on the day to vote online.

Strategic priorities

This year we look forward to asking our members to help shape our strategic priorities and areas of work for the coming year. On the day, we will be sharing a series of options which reflect a range of areas of work. At our AGM, we will host a range of workshops which explore these in more detail, before asking members to vote on which they think are the most important. The result of these votes will help us to prioritise our areas for potential campaigning and influencing work.  Members who can’t attend on the day, will still get to vote on these areas online.

These strategic priority areas that have been selected for voting are based on responses from our Membership Survey 2018 and Membership Survey 2019; engagement with the Collective and analysis of 20,000 advocacy issues over 10 years.

Motions proposed by members

Any motions from members needed to be submitted in writing by Wednesday 12 February.  No motions were submitted by this date.

Other important information

Like all Who Cares? Scotland membership events, the AGM is a strictly alcohol-free event.


Papers for the AGM

Members’ Assembly agenda

  1. Minutes of the last AGM, held 27.10.18
  2. Current Articles of Association, April 2017
  3. Proposed Updated Articles of Association
  4. AGM Finance Report 2018-19
  5. WC?S Annual Accounts for year ending 31.03.19
  6. Board Bios for the AGM

Other relevant papers

  1. Board Code of Conduct – The Board Code of Conduct has been included because it is referred to in the Articles of Association.
With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.