Collective Representative Body of our Members

Caring about change.

Care experienced young people are chosen to represent their local groups and areas when they become a Councillor on the Care Council.  The Care Council comes together to shape change across Scotland.  The reps from the Care Council work with Who Cares? Scotland’s board, CEO and Senior Management Team, corporate parents and each other to develop ideas and influence decision makers.

The Care Council is an amazing group full of amazing young people who have care experience and who want to help people who don’t understand care, understand. For a long time people have been guessing what care is about, but we’re here to tell them the truth, how it actually feels when you experience it. I’d bring everyone to the Care Council if I could, to help them understand us.

Care Council Representative

Consulting with the Care Council

During the year, Councillors come together to discuss, consult and make decisions on a range of areas to do with care.  If you would like to engage with this group please speak to Craig McCreadie, National Membership Manager or one of the Membership Team by calling our national office on 0141 226 441.

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