Jemma Kerr

In our new podcast “Objects”, Charlotte Armitage is diving deep into conversation with seven people – all with experience of care – about the objects that define some of the most important moments in their lives.

Episode 6 – Jemma Kerr

Jemma was really honoured when she was asked to contribute to the podcast, ‘Objects’. The initial invitation led Jemma to reflect on her own Care Experience and her life as an adoptee.  In her quest to identify objects Jemma was able to identify several items but she wanted the objects she brought to really reflect her, her family, and her care identity.  This led Jemma to start looking at her life before she was adopted.  Jemma spoke to her mum and together they looked at the objects she decided to bring on the day to discuss in her episode of ‘Objects’.  Jemma thought she was prepared for what this experience would bring, however, it directed her along a path she did not think she would tread.  Pavings of heritage, identity, nature, nurture and attachment were all crossed and upturned.  The past informing her future, a path Jemma will continue to walk, ever enlightened and ever thankful to ‘Objects’.

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