[listen] [act] [unite]

Taking the Pledge is your first step in showing care experienced people that you are on their side. You can join thousands of other people in saying that it’s time to end the discrimination that young people in care face.

Once you have made your Pledge to Listen, we will make sure you hear about the work that we are doing to make Scotland a better place for care experienced people.

We know that individuals, community groups, workplaces and more want to show their support for care experienced people. Who Cares? Scotland is committed to raising everyone’s consciousness and supporting action that will make those who have been in care feel supported and like they belong somewhere.

I Pledge to...
  • [listen] to the voice of Scotland's Care Experienced Young People.
  • [act] so that Scotland is a better place for Care Experienced Young People.
  • [unite] with and around Scotland's Care Experienced Young People.
With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities and funding partners, who make our work possible
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