Care Experienced History Month – April 2021

Care Experienced people have been a part of societies across the world for as long as can be remembered. We are calling for global recognition of their history through Care Experienced History Month.

How the state supports Care Experienced people is a conversation that has been ongoing for over 4000 years.

King Ur-Nammu, who ruled the Sumerian Third Dynasty of Ur between 2112 – 2095 BC, is the first head of state in history that we can find who intervened in the lives of Care Experienced people. Under his codes of laws, he prevented orphans from being given to rich families. Since then, the way in which the state intervenes in the lives of Care Experienced people has continued into the modern-day care system children and young people experience today.

The history of Care Experienced people, however, is a story only half told.

We celebrate and grieve the Care Experienced people who have aided the advancement of humanity. However, society has failed to acknowledge the systemic, cultural and individual oppression that Care Experienced people have endured since records began.

In Scotland, our conversation about Care Experienced history came to focus on Care Day 2020, when the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and Scottish Labour party leader, Richard Leonard, joined Care Experienced people to learn about the history of Care Experienced people across the world.

They joined us in hearing the stories of the Sons of the Mars, the children of Symllum and Quarriers Village and the displaced Care Experienced people who were moved to the colonies as part of what former Prime Minister Gordon Brown described as a “Government-Induced Trafficking scheme.”

We know that the history of Care Experienced people stretches further than the borders and former colonies of the United Kingdom. We want people around the world to come together to start telling the full the story of Care Experienced history.

That’s why we are inviting activists from across the globe to commemorate the history of Care Experienced people in their country by joining us in support of the first ever Care Experienced History Month, in April 2021. At this point, here’s how you can get involved:

International Steering Group

We are seeking to bring together consultants from around the world who are interested in the history of Care Experience to help deliver the first Care Experienced History Month globally.  We keen to hear from people of all backgrounds, who will bring with them invaluable skills for contribution to the team. If you are interested in being part of the steering group, please fill out the application form attached here.

Scottish Steering and Event Planning Group

We have brought together consultants from across Scotland who are interested in the history of Care Experience. Together, they will curate events and shape and guide the direction of Scotland’s first ever Care Experienced History Month. Below you can find out about each of the members of the steering group.


If you or your organsiation are interested in sponsoring Care Experienced History, there a number of ways this can be done. Your support will help us pay our steering group members for their time, invest in technology that brings us together and create events across the world that mark Care Experienced history. Each level of sponsorship comes with individual benefits for you and your organisation.

Bronze level sponsorship at £250. This will secure your logo on all our promotional materials and resources for Care Experienced History Month.

Silver level sponsorship at £500. This will secure Bronze level benefits, plus 5x tickets to upcoming Who Cares? Scotland training events.

Gold level sponsorship at £1000. This will secure Bronze and Silver benefits plus a tailored training session for your staff team on Care Experienced History and supporting Care Experienced people now.

To register your interest please email

Once you have registered your interest in being an official sponsor you will receive a confirmation email. All sponsors will be reviewed and approved by a group of Care Experienced people. After that has taken place you will be informed of the next steps to complete the process. 

If you want to learn more about the history of Care Experienced people in Scotland, watch the below video from our input to the International Federation of Social Workers annual conference.

Our Sponsors

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.