40 Years of Us

In 2018 we turn 40 years old!

In 2018, Who Cares?  Scotland turns 40 years old

There will be lots of ways to celebrate the 40 years of Who Cares? Scotland standing alongside and up for care experienced people.  There will also be lots of ways in which you can help us do more across Scotland to achieve our vision of a lifetime of equality, respect and love for care experienced people.

Find out about our 40 year history here

What can you do?

Information on all the ways you can support our celebrations will be available here throughout the year.  Below are some ways in which you support our celebrations just now.

New Year Resolution

Kick-off your new year in 2018 by committing to undertaking 40 acts of love for Who Cares? Scotland.  Click here to find out how to show your support.

Become our friend

Show your support by becoming a Friend of Who Cares? Scotland.  Click here for more information.

Help us fundraise

Show your support by helping us to raise money so that we can do more with and for care experienced people across Scotland.  Click here for more information.




With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities and funding partners, who make our work possible
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