We ask that we don’t wait to change the lives of Care Experienced people

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A Letter to the First Minister…

Prioritising the health and well-being of Care Experienced people 

Since 2010, we have dealt with over 7,500 advocacy issues impacting the health, well-being and self-care of Care Experienced people. From the early 90s, we have published reports and evidence on the need for health and well-being support to be significantly better for Care Experienced people.   

By acting now, we can end the unnecessary delays to children and young people getting the support they need, when they need it and for as long as they want it.

Recognise the trauma experienced by children and young people and the lifelong impact that having no family network and a childhood of disrupted connections has on Care Experienced people.

Invest more in understanding the impact of abuse, sexual exploitation, teenage pregnancy and the inter-generational nature of Care Experience in families.

Valuing the loving and caring relationships Care Experienced people have or had. 

Since 2010, we have dealt with over 7,000 advocacy issues impacting the loving and caring relationships Care Experienced people have. Since 1983, we have produced reports and evidence on the need for the loving and caring relationships Care Experience people have or had to be at the heart of all decisions made about their care. 

By acting now, we can repair the bonds that have been broken with brothers and sisters because of care. Keep brothers and sisters together, unless doing so would cause significant harm.

Recognise the importance of Care Experienced people knowing about their lives fully and owning their care journey.

Encourage lifelong relationships and always remember the Care Experienced people who won’t ever get to benefit from the change that has been promised.

Helping all Care Experienced people put down roots and have a place to call home 

Since 2010, we have dealt with over 3,000 advocacy issues relating to where Care Experienced people live and the environment they live in. Since 1995, we have been calling for the negative impact of living environments and poor housing options to be fixed for Care Experienced people.   

By acting now, we can address the injustice of children and young people having no say over who cares for them or how often they move home.

Recognise that Care Experienced adults deserve to have housing options that meet their needs, for life.

Support young people into their adulthood by helping them to stay in their home as long as is needed and to return home if and when they need it.

Ensuring the education received by Care Experienced people fulfils their capability and ambitions

Since 2010, we have dealt with over 1,400 advocacy issues focusing on the way education is delivered, issues in or with school and the cost of further and higher education.  Since the 1990s, we have been calling for these issues to be fixed.     

By acting now, we can support children and young people in care, to stay in school.

Recognise the cost of the debt to Care Experienced people who already hold an undergraduate degree but did not benefit from the bursary.

Encourage Care Experienced people to fulfil their learning potential at any age or stage in their life.

Prioritising Care Experienced people’s employment chances, like most parents would if they could 

Since 2010, we have dealt with over 600 advocacy issues directly relating to employment options or issues whilst in employment.  Since 1995 we have been highlighting the consequences of limited opportunities for Care Experienced people beyond care. 

By acting now, we can make sure Care Experienced people get started and stay in employment that is fulfilling and helps them reach their aspirations.

Recognise the talent, capability and ambitions of all Care Experienced people and ensure they are given the opportunity to realise these meaningfully.

Support and encourage the entrepreneurs within the Care Experienced community to flourish.

Ensuring Care Experienced people have elected officials and independent representation that is on their side, to prevent the unintended consequences of policy-making 

Who Cares? Scotland currently has over 2,500 members.  We have supported thousands of Care Experienced people as individuals across Scotland.  We have campaigned on behalf of Care Experienced people we have never met to make sure their rights are safeguarded or enhanced.   

By acting now, we can increase the routes of accountability for Care Experienced people at local and national government level

Recognise Care Experienced people as an equalities group in all policy-making processes at local and national level. 

Stand up for the rights and lives of the 250,000 people with a Care Experience, believed to be in Scotland today.   

Lastly, but most importantly of all, help all children and young people have their voice heard 

End the postcode lottery and finally act on what decades of reports and reviews have concluded is needed to safeguard the rights of Care Experienced people:

Provide demand-led, relationship-based Independent Advocacy to every Care Experienced person who needs it. 



With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.