Our Helpline at Christmas

You can make a wish come true this Christmas.

This year brings the reality that many Care Experienced people will face Christmas alone, isolated, lonely and forgotten.  Reluctant to intrude on others, and aware of the current lockdown restrictions many Care Experienced people simply hide from Christmas Day, no one really to call, and no one to safely visit.

“When I turned 16, I was popped into my own flat and was left to my own devices. I was a mature 16-year-old, I worked hard to pay my bills but in hindsight I just worked every hour I could because being alone in my flat at Christmas was the worst feeling ever.”

Care Experienced person

So much has changed since March, including the activities Who Cares? Scotland normally hosts.  Through these challenging times we evolved and launched a National Helpline for Care Experienced people to support them through this worldwide pandemic, assist them with housing, money, employment and mental health.

If a Care Experienced person needs someone to talk to on this really isolating day, we are here on the other end of the line.  A simple telephone call, a friendly voice and talking to someone who understands, is a beautiful gift at Christmas.

Supporting Who Cares? Scotland with a donation of £100 will enable us to continue our work, including our Helpline service throughout Christmas and into 2021.

“It might not seem much, but it means the world to me.”

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.