Meet Oisín

Why do you want to be an MSYP?

Care Experienced people deserve to be listened to. There have been too many occasions where people with lived experiences of the care system have been misrepresented and not heard. I have had personal experience of this, and I don’t want it to become a recurring situation. This is the reason I want to become MSYP, I will make sure Care Experienced young people across Scotland are represented and issues being raised by members are being fairly resolved. Issues from “Contact” to “Moving placements too often” it will be my job to listen to you, voice these issues and to act on it!

How will you consult with the young people in your area or organisation to ensure that they are represented well and their voices are heard?

To consult with young people, I will hold regular online zoom sessions where members will have the chance to speak to me directly and bring up any issues they have. For those members who would prefer a different way of communicating with me, I will send questionnaires and surveys out throughout the year asking members how they are, what issues they have or if there’s anything they want to bring to my attention.

With Covid-19 still prevalent, things will look somewhat different for a while and consulting with members will be made more difficult, but I am determined that even with the pandemic I will reach members from rural to urban areas of Scotland.

Why should people vote for you?

I am a driven, passionate and a caring young person who wants the best for all the care community in Scotland. With experience of being involved in a political environment, I am able to use my experiences to make sure that wrong doings of the past are never repeated and help drive forward a new and improved care system in Scotland. Every member of WC?S, from those in the highlands and islands to the cities of Scotland, can be assured if they vote for me, they will have an MSYP who will support, listen and care for them and strive for change that will benefit our community.

I will personally take on the responsibility of making sure that issues raised from members will be taken to Scottish Parliament and will be spoken about and action will be made. If I am voted to become MSYP I will focus on things such as mental health during and after the pandemic and covid-recovering for our members.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.