Meet Christopher

Why do you want to be an MSYP?

I want to be an MSYP as I want to stand for the rights of Care Experienced and justice experienced young people. I feel we are underrepresented in politics and underrepresented in society. I also wish to be an MSYP as I want to help represent the views of Care Experienced young people at a national level but also to help be the voice for the Care Experienced young people who aren’t as confident to speak at a national level.

How will you consult with the young people in your area or organisation to ensure that they are represented well and their voices are heard?

I will consult with the young people in my organisation in the way it suits them. I will also consult with the young people via Zoom, Teams, phone calls, 1-1s, focus groups, emails, and meetings.

Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me as I’ve been an active campaigner for change in the care system for around 7 years. Throughout this time I’ve had the opportunity to network and create relationships with different groups of people, organisations, and Ministers, and with these relationships already established I personally can make sure your voice is heard at the highest possible position.

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.