Why Volunteers Matter

Volunteering with us really matters and can positively impact on the lives of Care Experienced young people.

We offer a wide range of groups, activities and events for care experienced people across Scotland.  These are full of fun and help to influence positive change with professionals and community members. Our volunteers support all of this work, enriching and enhancing the experiences of young people by bringing their skills, experience and passion to our movement. Our volunteering roles have five main themes;

Participation support (local and national) – helping us to bring young people together by supporting youth work activities.

Influencing support (local and national) – helping us to bring about positive change by supporting our campaigning and events.

Fundraising support – helping us reach as many people as possible with administration, membership, marketing and fundraising.

Community school support – helping us to educate and raise awareness of care experience in schools.

Training – helping us to engage communities and raise awareness of care experience.

The time that you are able to give makes a difference.

Our events bring together Care Experienced members from all over Scotland bringing about belonging and love. Our youth work creates a space where young people can feel a true sense of belonging and empowerment. Our campaigns show young people that someone is on their side and supporting them to celebrate their care identity.

We can make this the case for more young people across Scotland because of you. Volunteers matter to us. Register your interest here.


With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.