Volunteering at Who Cares? Scotland: Motivational, passionate and energetic

David Dunne tells us why he decided to become a volunteer


Since I was a teenager I have been involved with Who Cares? Scotland in one aspect or another. More recently I have chosen to take on a more official volunteer role so I can – in whatever way – help the organisation that helped me through the tougher parts of my life.

I have been involved in various parts of the organisation over the years. My involvement has varied from helping with drug and alcohol awareness groups, climbing the Himalayas as part of the reaching higher campaign and being a member of the board of directors. Through this involvement, I’ve become more sociable, overcome a lot of anxieties and managed to make a lot of new friends as I’ve grown and developed.

I’m currently involved in the ‘Communities that Care’ project in Renfrewshire where part of what I am doing is researching how much our community know about some of the challenges young people with care experience face. As I progress with volunteering, I hope to meet and support new volunteers, so that they get as much benefit as me from whatever opportunities they might be offered.

Being involved at Who Cares? Scotland means trying my hardest to be available and willing to take on new opportunities. This can be from public speaking, to helping out at information stalls at events. It also means working with others and supporting each other to stay positive and enthusiastic about the work we do and to represent the organisation in a positive way.

If I could be a super hero I would choose Superman, not because of his endless powers but because he is a popular and strong role model.  I believe he would inspire and encourage positive support of Who Cares? Scotland and care experienced people.  I was asked to describe volunteering at Who Cares? Scotland in 3 words, and I chose motivational, passionate and energetic!

If you are interested in volunteering you can express your interest here.

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