Kim’s Story

I have been volunteering with Who Cares? Scotland for nearly 2 years and it has been a really great experience. I would say the best thing about volunteering is probably just seeing the growth in the young people that I support at the group I volunteer at and watching their confidence levels grow, from when they first started at the group when it was brand new, as shy and quiet and now, they are shouting, having fun and feel that they belong there. I feel part of something special when young people feel brave enough to share something really personal with their group and it’s really rewarding that they feel comfortable enough with us and confident to do this.

Being able to volunteer to have that chance to offer help to Care Experienced young people and be a person out with the official care system really appealed to me. I want young people to know that people care about them and give them the time to have someone listen to them.

As well as volunteer at my regular group I have also been given the opportunity to support the Care Day Careleidh and Time To Shine as well as be part of delivering training to influence positive change which I have really enjoyed. Through this, I feel that we are making a difference in a way that may seem subtle at the time but actually these are massive differences for all Care Experienced people.

Volunteering for me, has been about increasing my confidence but also, just feeling like your are making a difference and that what your are doing is really worthy is definitely a massive benefit. There’s not many jobs or volunteering opportunities that you feel like your making that much of a difference and I definitely do at Who Cares? Scotland.

If I was to sum my volunteering with Who Cares? Scotland in one word I would say – rewarding!

With thanks to Scottish Local Authorities, funding partners and donors who make our work possible.