Heather’s Get Into Summer Story

Heather Tyeson
Lapwing Lodge Trip

Meeting at on a sunny Wednesday at Lapwing Lodge with members and their families, from both the Renfrewshire ‘Wee Diamonds’ and ‘Chill Out’ groups, there was an air of excitement and uncertainty of what was to come! However, after a few short minutes with the instructors, the enjoyment of learning how to pitch a tent successfully (despite a few bent tent pegs) was clear. The younger children loved playing inside the tent, hiding from one another and zipping up the doors to create their own safe haven to enjoy! Meanwhile, the older ones took on leadership roles in instructing both volunteers and staff how to correctly insert various tent poles and pegs. After pitching the tents, we were all able to enjoy some hot chocolate with water boiled directly from a Trangia camping stove!

We then enjoyed lunch, followed by an exciting game of ‘Sniper’ in the woods, which resulted in a few muddy knees but mostly smiling faces! The highlight of the day then came when the young people got to make a fire of their own! Using a range of different dry materials, they were shown how make sparks with their own fire-steels. Setting fire to hay and wee twigs was great fun! After a few short minutes, a bit of teamwork and wood collected from the surrounding trees, a roaring fire was lit, and the marshmallows were opened! Toasting the marshmallows on their own fire was a scrumptious treat and well deserved after all the hard work! Happy faces (and bellies) all round!

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